A Private sustainable community in

the Heart of the Catskills


Dedicated to Veterans and First Responders

Our Dad and our grandfather Jacob Gulde Sr. and Jr. loved the mountains. Unfortunately granddad died in the Line of Duty in 1928 as a Firefighter. He was only 30 years old.

I spent many a day roaming around these mountains with my father when I was a youngest. I never really appreciated the fact the my Dad never had that time with his own father. Dad was only eight when his father died in the line of duty.

And so, we want to honor all those who sacrifice and risk their lives to helping others. And so the park is dedicated to all first responders and their families. It's a great place for families to enjoy spending time in the Catskill Mountains. 45 miles west of Woodstock in NYS.

This cozy community of only 24 sites has hundreds surrounding acres of natural lands to fish, explore, exercise and just relax. Take your kids or grand kids fishing right in the back on our piece of the Delaware River. Have a streamside cook out. There are several beautiful streamside spots enjoy on the property. And yet its only 3 minutes to town and stores.